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This tutorial will help you understanding, how to customize (add, edit and...
25-04-2015 [08:53 AM]
  The Application requires: Apache web server with mod_rewrite or Lighttpd  MySQL database server,...
25-04-2015 [07:04 AM]
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Welcome to Agro Arena Associates Ltd

Agro Arena Associates Ltd provides farmers with a wide range of technologies to improve sustainable agriculture for a growing world. Our products and services are designed to solve pressing crop production problems for our farmers; boosting crop productivity to maximum sustainable levels to keep pace with the growing needs of our world’s rapidly expanding population, through higher yields, better varieties, and more targeted pest management control.

Our research focus is on game changing technologies to provide better crops, better plant nutrition and better control of destructive crop and noncrop weed and insect pests. The goal of our research efforts is faster, better, more efficient, more productive and more viable agriculture long-term, because our world’s future depends upon crop production technology. Our company enjoys a convenient traffic environment and favorable business surroundings, consequently external resources like information are easily accessible.